12 Ancestors in 12 Months; Thomas Joseph Abberton JNR.

Thomas Joseph Abberton born 26 June 1910[1], died 29 February 1944[2]. A short live with much tragedy.  Thomas was the only child of Thomas Abberton and his second wife Mary Naughton.  I have yet to find out what happened to Mary, a mystery to solve but Thomas Snr died 5 May 1914[3], leaving Thomas Jnr an orphan. I do know that he was in touch with is half-siblings as both his sister and brother were listed as next-of-kin, on his records.

What little information I have about Thomas, is that he worked on a farm in the Forbes area of New South Wales. The only photo, I have, shows him being a larrikin.

He enlists on 31 May 1940[4] and is sent to Ceylon, where he is stationed until April 1942.  He returns to Australia for a short period before being sent to New Guinea. Thomas dies from disease in February 1944 and is buried in the Bomama War Cemetery, New Guinea. He is commemorated on panel 36 East, Roll of Honour, Australia War Memorial.

His service record is interesting, as a woman comes forward claiming that they married and had a son and that he died intestate. Well the Army searched for a marriage, requested the marriage certificate and that came to nothing. My own searches prove the same. As for there being no will, he had done four, the last one leaving everything to his niece, Patricia.

Thank you for your service, Uncle Tommy. R.I.P.

[1] NSW Birth Certificate 31226 933. 1910.
[2] War record
[3] NSW Death Certificate 04840 1914.
[4] War Record


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