February 12 Ancestors in 12 Months AMELIA NICHOLS


 Amelia was born on 26 February 1811, at Prospect and was baptised on 17 March 1811 at St John’s, Parramatta.[i] Her parents were John Nichols, a First Fleeter and Ann Pugh, she was their seventh child.

On 27 July 1827 she married Charles Hughes at Christ Church, Newcastle. Both signed the register with their ‘X’ mark. As she was only 16, when she married, it seems that her brother gave permission for her to marry but this isn’t mentioned on the certificate.[ii]

Amelia and Charles had eight children, Thomas Dent 1828, Charles Andrew 1830, Jane 1832, Ellen 1834-1835, John Francis 1836, Sydney Joseph 1838-1839, William Edmund 1844 and Henry James 1849. They family lived in the Newcastle, Maitland area, with Charles having licences for several inns, in the area.

Charles died 8 January 1869, he was 71. Amelia died on 25 June 1884, aged 73, having lived in Branxton for the previous 15 years. Her cause of death was given as Acute Hepatitis.[iii]

Amelia was my husband’s great- great-grandmother.

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[i] NSW Baptism certificate 1811/ 2345 V1
[ii] NSW Marriage certificate 1827/ 199 Vol 11
[iii] NSW Death certificate 1884/10095

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