Since 7 January 2013,  I have been slowly working my way through the 40 subjects for my Australian Certificate in Genealogical Studies. Yesterday I FINISHED!  To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. I still have to wait for the official word that I have passed my last two subjects and have met all the requirements, but I feel like celebrating!.

If you are thinking about further study have a look at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies.  They have a comprehensive range of courses across a wide range of areas. There are compulsory subjects in every certificate and a good choice of electives.

Now I'm finished, I've looked at other subjects that I am interested in, plus maybe another certificate. My options are open and I wont decide, just yet.

I have also been studying through UTAS, with their Diploma of Family History,   They offer four subjects for free and the next four at a reduced fees. I'm still thinking about finishing the next four, looking hard at that.

I have learnt a great deal, not just the research side but how to do a research plan, transcribe documents and the method behind the research. This has helped with my business.

So don't know what to do? Why not study? As well as these two place, there are other areas to look at as well. Pharos Teaching and Tutoring and the University of Strathclyde are just two that also offer courses.

Have a go.

Bye for now,

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