Is there anyone left to mourn?

 Lone Pine Cemetery, Gallipoli Peninsula, Thursday 15 August 2015, under blue skies 100 years after a bloody battle left over 3,000 men killed, most with no known grave, I pondered the question, 'Is there anyone left to mourn?'

While we pilgrims wandered the site, reading the headstones, 'Believed to be buried in this cemetery' is a common message. Names, dates, sometimes a verse are all that we have about these men. I wondered if there is anyone at home, left to mourn these men and I decided to try and find out.

I had brought with me, poppies I'd purchased from the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. Placing them on two graves, I took a photos, recording the details. Now home I began my search.


                                                   1765 Private J HARVEY
                                                       2nd BN Australian INF
                                                       6/9 August 1915.

Jack Harvey was born in Wellington, NSW, in c1892. His enlistment form gives us a description of this young man; Age 22yrs 11mths, Height 5' 11', Weight 144pounds, Complexion Dark, Eyes Grey, Religion Roman Catholic, Occupation Labourer. His Next of Kin is listed as his uncle Hugh Murphy, parents deceased.
Jack enlisted 1st February 1915 at Wellington, NSW. His Casualty From - Active Service has three stark entries;
26.5.15 Joined 2nd Battalion.
14.8.15 Reported Missing
13.12.15 Now reported killed in section (dead body recovered).

Reading his record I discovered that he had a half sister, Mrs France Anthony of 5 Reid Street, Lithgow. She was awarded his medals, in 1920.
I haven't, yet, found Jack's birth but have found Frances (1899), Lilia (1898) and Victoria(1895), all born to Walter Harvey and Elizabeth Murphy (m 1895). Is Jack, Walter's son? Something for me to peruse.

488 Private G PARNABY
24th BN Australian INF
15 Sept 1915

George Parnaby was born in Minyip, Vic in c1896. His enlistment form gives us a description of this young man; Age 19yrs, Height 5'10", Weight 130 pounds, Complexion Fair, Eyes Blue, Hair Brown, Religion Church of England, Occupation Farm Labourer. His Next of Kin is his Grandmother, Mrs Sarah Annie Johnson, parents deceased. He has a brother Herbert and a sister Nellie.
 George enlisted 7th March 1915 at Sea Lake, Vic. His Casualty Form - Active Service has three stark entries;    30.8.15 Proceeded to join M.E.F.
                         26.9.15 KILLED IN ACTION.
                         20.10.15 Buried in Brown's Dip by Chap, A P Bladen. Plot 1, Row 2, Grave 4.

So, having looked into the lives of these to young men, I again ponder the question, 'Is there anyone left to mourn?'

If you can prove your relationship to either Jack or George, please contact me and I will give you the photos I took.

Lest We Forget.

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