Travel Tips

I know some of my friends travel way more than I have, but I've discovered some things that I thought might be useful.

Photos. Boy how we love to take photos and with a digital camera we take heaps. Before we left I purchased six SD cards, labelled each one, with the countries we were going to and slipped them into labelled snap lock bags and then into a plastic case. The night before we left a country, I'd change cards, and LOCK the one I'd just removed. This way I only have photos from one country on each card and am only dealing with small amounts of photos at a time. (I haven't counted how many in total, will let you know.)

Keep a journal. I promised myself that I would keep a journal, on the iPad, never happened. My husband bought me this journal, for Christmas, it hasn't any dates, like travel journals, so it was perfect. I picked up the four coloured pen at Sydney airport, as I'd managed to pack the other pen in the suitcase. I dated and named each day, Saturday, 25 July 2015, Venice. Then when I did the next page, like this, 25/7/2015 cont'd, encase the book fell apart. I tried to write every day, sometimes several times a day, as to what we had done, eaten, seen, bought, felt etc. 

I threw these in at the last moment and used them both, frequently. The scarf came in handy on plane trips, just enough to keep the A/C from making me to cool, or from it blowing down my back. Handy too for a visit to the mosque. The amount of people using fans, both men and women, was amazing. It came in very, very handy, travelling on the hop on/hop off busses, standing in queues or while waiting for a meal. Not everywhere is air-conditioned.

Take an alarm clock. Not every hotel has a clock radio, for an alarm, or clock. I used both the iPad and clock several times and we didn't miss a pick-up. Make use of the hotels wake-up phone call, too.

I hope these help you and please let me know yours as well.

Bye for now,

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