Scotlands People

I should be doing assignments and I did sit outside in the sun and study but searching for ancestors is much more fun! (I will do my assignments, really I will)

I have been looking for both my great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers deaths. Two posts ago I mentioned that I was waiting on great-grandma's death certificate. It has arrived and I cried. She died in a hospital for the insane at Stockton after being moved from Calan Park. While it was liver cancer that killed her I am now waiting for permission to view her medical records at NSW Archives.  Why was she there and has it go anything to do with why I can't find her husband?  Will all be revealed or will I still be in the dark?

Today I decided to spend time on Scotland's People as he was from Scotland. It looks very promising as I have found a death for an Arthur Galbraith in 1894 with the district give as Marine Return. It is a death at sea, which ties into the family stories that he died at sea. I will now buy the certificate and see if it is the correct one. If not I'll search again.

While on Scotland's People I looked around for Arthur's dads death and found I already had it, so looked for the will. Bingo! Nine pages of a wonderful will and five more pages of what looks like a list of personal property. It is a pity that it is 5.15pm and I have to organise dinner and I will have to wait to read it!. I wonder if it will reveal information about Arthur?

What this space in the continuing story of Mary and Arthur Galbraith.

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