What I've been doing.

I've been busy, with the house finished being painted and a driveway laid. That was 'fun'. My car has been homeless for three weeks, living at a friends place. While the driveway hardened we went away to Melbourne to visit our family. Lots of lovey granddaughters/grandparents time as mum and dad were away. PJ movie night, netball, pizza night and granddad bedtime stories. It was really good to spend time with them.

On the family tree side I haven't really been motivated to do much. I really should set myself goals and (try) stick to them. I have looked at my great-grandmothers death and ordered a couple of certificates and they should be here soon. They will either answer my questions or give me more questions to answer.

Still going with my socks and did start the new scarf, both are progressing well and I will post photos, when they are done.

We did do something exciting! We named our house, after nearly 40 years with thought it was time and the sign arrived today. We have named the house "Bodalla" after the house my husband grew-up in. Mine didn't have a name so the choice was easy. Yes, I will post a photo when it is up, probably the weekend.

I took my course notes with me and did read them but didn't do anything else with them. I have Friday with nothing on, so will get assignments done then.

I have been watching Who Do You Think You Are? and have enjoyed the episodes shown.  I wonder if they have more people than they show, in case  the stories aren't that interesting or  the person pulls out? Would love to know. I also wish they would do someone not famous, so that it can be shown that everyone's family history is interesting. Or show an episode where they meet 'brick walls' and can't go any further.

Tomorrow I am going to a presentation of grant cheques as the family history group, I started is getting one. Excited!

Well I'm going to bed with my new Australian Family Tree Connection magazine, back to the 'real' world tomorrow.

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