What has been going on.

I realised that it has been awhile since I blogged.

I've been studying, knitting, reading, taking photos and being Grandma.
These two books are really good reads.
Nora always writes a great story. This one is about Faberge eggs and is really good. I don't want to give to much away but it starts with a girl seeing a murder, along the line of the movie "Rear Window" and then moves along from that.
The Tea Chest is a good chick lit book. Strong female leads and a quirky story line.  Think about different teas and tea shops.

This is for James and was fun to knit. I like the fact that it has a shoulder opening, making it that much easier to get on and off.

I'm growing Basil and couldn't resist trying to capture a close up of the bees that were having fun in it. They ignored me and using my zoom I was able to get these shots.

I love Autumn with it wonderful colours. This tree has given me so many different moods that I can't resist photographing it.
This is my favourite one taken several years ago. I love the contrast between the sunlight on the leaves and the grey sky.

I have finished two more subjects and am waiting on the results. I did get an A for the Copyright subject.

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