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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Where did the rest of November go?

Last week my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary, with a lovey dinner out.

On Saturday, last, I went into town to SAG and attended the talk, by Kerrie Farmer on Scottish resources on-line. Kerrie's talks are always wonderful and I came away inspired to tackle my Scottish problems.

Today I have a talk on Griffiths Valuations and tomorrow, Writing Group. The Writing Group, is a newly formed group of 'budding' writers.  Most of us attend a workshop, last August/September, in at SAG, on how to write up your family story. We liked it so much that we asked if we could form a group and are now in our second month. We have the time-slot until June next year, when it will be re-assessed, so come and join us. We help each other out, with problems, ideas, support and feedback. Next year I'm presenting a talk on how to do Indexes and then one on Appendices. We email each other ideas for topics and then those with the knowledge on the topic present it. Have a look at www.sag.org.au and see what is on.  The discussions continue over lunch as well and it is really great.

I'm still doing my course and learning heaps.

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